The American Wheat Penny – A Brief History

The American Wheat Penny has become one of the most collectible coins ever minted at any of the 3 United States Mints. After 50 years and 140 separate versions of the Wheat Penny and over 25,963,890,963 (figure doesn’t include proofs) Wheat Pennies minted in all, the Wheat Penny has become one of the most collectible, and most sought after one cent coins ever minted in the US. With its 1909 debut as the very first Wheat Penny ever minted,  the 1909 VDB Wheat Penny would be the first of 4 Wheat Pennies minted in 09 (along with the finally of the Indian Penny with the 1909 and 1909 S IH).

In all there were three separate US mints who took part in pouring millions of Wheat Pennies into circulation each and every year. The most dominant and productive mint of all, the Philadelphia mint led the pack as the Denver mint came in a close second, followed by the San Fransisco mint at a loose third. These days the S mint Wheat Pennies are the hardest to find when filling Wheat Penny collections. While the D mint isn’t quite as hard to find, almost everyone has been able to locate all of the P (P mint Wheat Pennies did not bear a mint mark on the obverse) mint coins.

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