Starting Your Wheat Penny Collection

Wheat pennies are a popular coin enjoyed by collectors across the globe. Minted from 1909 to 1958, the wheat penny comes in many different variations, with some coins worth several thousand dollars. For individuals who are just beginning their coin collections, finding these incredible pennies can feel like a nearly impossible task. Fortunately, there are several different sources for locating and purchasing wheat pennies, some of which could potentially present collectors with awesome deals. Using these resources, newbie coin collectors should be able to get their hands on a few wheat pennies in no time.

Coin Collection Clubs

Coin clubs have long been one of the most popular ways to network with others who are passionate about collecting coins, and they can also be a great forum for exchanging and purchasing coins. Many coin collectors are particularly passionate about a particular type of coin, meaning they may be willing to trade several valuable coins for one that another possesses. Wheat pennies are just one of the many different coins collected, but most clubs will likely have a decent selection of coins to purchase. Coin club members may also have the inside scoop on where to find other wheat pennies and valuable coins in a particular geographic region.

Online Auctions

Auction site like eBay are a wonderful source of coins. Not only do coin collectors frequently buy and sell coins on these sites, but many times entrepreneurs and family members will use auctions to offload coins that have been inherited or purchased at estate sales. These sellers often have very little knowledge of the particular values of the coins they are selling, since many times they have thousands of coins in their possession. Finding a great deal on an auction site is a guilty pleasure that many coin collectors enjoy, and there are certainly many wheat pennies available for purchase.

Expositions and Special Events

Local coin clubs often sponsor special expositions and events at which coin enthusiasts from across the country come to buy and sell coins, share knowledge and insight about particular kinds of currency, and spend time with others who enjoy coin collecting. These expositions can be a fantastic place to learn more about how coin collecting works, as well as meeting people with inside knowledge of the coin collecting world. Furthermore, because of the large number of dealers and sellers congregated in one place, finding wheat pennies and other coins for sale is easily accomplished at such events.

In addition to the many different venues at which coins and can be purchased and sold, the Internet has plenty of great resources available to those who are just starting to collect coins. Many wheat pennies can be found relatively cheaply, and there are plenty of forums and websites on which coin collectors gather to spread information about where to find such deals. Joining such a site could be a beneficial step in finding out more about coins available presently. Additionally, such sites often prove immensely valuable in learning how to establish how much a particular coin is worth.

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